The Future of Modest Fashion by the DMFW21 Designers


Date: 2021/12/12

The modest fashion industry has seen massive growth in recent years, resulting in fashion weeks revolving exclusively around modest fashion, such as Dubai Modest Fashion Week which includes 34 designers from around the world. The Oriental Hybrid team was able to hold a Q&A with a variety of different modest fashion designers, from Italian swimwear to Palestinian bridal wear; we have discussed their inspirations, sustainability, and the future of modest fashion.

The future of fashion is ever-changing. Therefore, what are the designers’ predictions for the future of modest fashion? What should we expect to see from the pioneers of modest fashion?

How do you view the current and future state of modest swimwear?

Munamer, Italy:
I believe that although modest wear has globally trended, in terms of swimwear, there is still work to be done. Since in western culture, the level of attractiveness increases the more a woman’s body is shown. On the other hand, for modest fashion, it’s the opposite, it is about the woman’s comfort and how much she wants to show, which makes the concept very respectful. The biggest misconception of modest femininity is that it is too boring and unstylish. I believe that this is due to the lack of modest swimwear brands worldwide, although the demand is high. Munamer initially launched with only burkinis. However, due to the variety of different needs and requests, it has expanded to much more versatile designs in order for women to express themselves, their beauty, and uniqueness in a way that they are comfortable. A revolutionary concept finally representing union and uniqueness, perfectly in line with a world where these values are the only way for a peaceful future.

What do you believe we will see in the future of modest swimwear?

COÉGA Sunwear, UAE: We believe that modest swimwear has great potential to grow as COÉGA Sunwear has experienced a massive boom in demand for its modest swimwear collection. Modest swimwear is not a temporary trend and because of this swimwear brands have to get creative and design newer ideas to cater to this fast-growing fashion segment. We value inclusivity and offer swimwear for everyone as we consistently add different styles with varying degrees of coverage. In the future, modest swimwear will be widely accepted and available with most major swimwear brands locally and globally.

What do you believe we will see in the future of modest fashion?

HUKKA Design, Turkey: We believe that modest fashion has seen growth in recent years and will have continuous growth globally in the future. HUKKA Design itself was established as a modest athleisure brand due to the prevalence of Islam in Turkish culture, which gives us a great market within the country.

Can you describe your current collection and what are your hopes for the future of your brand?

SURTURBAN, USA: The SURTURBAN collection premiering at Dubai Modest Fashion Week titled ‘Renaissance’ is an adaptation of classical designs for the constantly changing world. This collection is redefining modest headwear rather than depending on trends. “Renaissance” is a celebration of femininity, confidence, and creativity. This collection is filled with dramatic silhouettes, bold material, and beautiful accents. In the future, I hope to consistently redefine modest headwear.

What are your goals for the future of your modest fashion brand?

Mimya, Turkey: We are a female-based entrepreneurial project that is nourished by history and geographical knowledge. Mimya’s unique interpretation comes from Istanbul, the place of our foundation, and inspired by the Anatolian lands. Our aim for the future is to create a global brand that is influenced by our history.

What will we see in the future from your modest fashion brand?

Lirat, Iraq:
I founded Lirat in 2016 as I have a strong passion to become a recognized fashion designer. My brand was launched during hard circumstances in Iraq, however, I managed to build the first Iraqi brand with international standards. Lirat will officially launch in Dubai in the near future. As for the distant future, I will keep striving till Lirat is recognized in the international market.

Source: Instagram @theorientalhybrid



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